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We have developed an online support tool which will enable and enhance the effective management of Forum once implemented, without the need for a physically present consultant. It offers an accessible way to reap the benefits of the Forum process. This tool is able to guide you through the Forum process with convenient reminders of the fundamental concepts necessary for the Forum to work. It also includes a tracking method which will deepen the personal return on time for each participant, allow for a long-term view of the benefits of Forum for finding creative and effective solutions for the challenges in your work, and increase accountability.


This online support tool will provide:

  • Short comprehensive videos for every step of the Forum process which can be used by moderators as well as in Forum sessions themselves.

  • A virtual flow of the Forum meeting to guide participants through the process.

  • A document which provides input of key information and learnings from each Forum session.

  • Tracking of issues, challenges and action items.

  • Ongoing personal support to help you deal with any issues in implementation.

For further information on implementing the tool into your organization or family, please contact us

Please follow the link for access to the Forum Member's Tool:

For Forum in Business

For Forum in Peer Group

For Forum in Family

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