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In partnership with universities, Dr. Amir Kfir develops initiatives which help students and alumni feel supported, invested in, and connected to one another. Reach out to us if you are interested in positively increasing your student engagement, loyalty, and culture.


Leadership Workshop and Group Dynamics Course:

The workshop's goal is to provide students with leadership and team-building tools that will enable them to work successfully together, support one another, and deal with the challenges they are facing as a team. 


Behind every successful venture, a group of people learned how to work well together. Formulating that group and building the right working relationship is the foundation of this class. We will teach how to recognize the necessary leadership styles, identify personal styles, understand how teammates can complement one another, and build a team that can channel conflict into a constructive process.


This class is a hands-on experience in learning about each other and understanding the best people needed to have a successful long-term working relationship. 


Learning Outcomes:  

Students will learn practical tools of team-building, leadership development, conflict resolution and giving and receiving effective feedback. 

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Forum for Venture Capital:

This program is a powerful resource for entrepreneurs who seek support and connections with other entrepreneurs. Through meeting with others in similar situations, listening to and supporting one another, the participants gain a community, a network that offers them motivation, accountability and a reenergized mentality. Participants gain knowledge from other professionals and gain exposure to a variety of different fields.

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Project Name

Forum for Alumni:

Forum for alumni is a platform for alumni to openly discuss and manage personal issues within a confidential environment through a structured process. Forum provides a safe space for alumni to work through their issues, develop and practice empathy and understanding towards others, refine conflict management skills, improve interpersonal skills and much more. 

Through this process alumni may develop lifelong relationships that maximize the benefits of their networking opportunities.

 Mentoring Program for University’s graduates:

Mentoring is a powerful tool for personal and professional development. The overarching goal of the process is to provide tools for graduates to make both career and personal decisions in the best way possible, along with making a smooth transition from academic institutions to the workforce. We help pair mentors and mentees so that we can provide a meaningful experience for both sides. Mentors are supported in learning relevant and powerful skills and, in doing so, become mentors for life for the people around them. Finally, mentees are given the opportunity to learn from another individual and to build a relationship that could support them for a lifetime.



Key Ingredients:

It is a semi-annual program, which is composed of the following elements:

  • One-on-one meetings between the mentor and the graduate.

  • An opening and closing session for all graduates and mentors.

  • Several training sessions for graduates and mentors separately.

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We can create and customize any course according to the clients' needs and requests.

For more details and a detailed syllabus, please send us an email at:

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" We are students who founded the ‘Negotiation Club’ at the Reichman University (IDC) in Israel, which aimed to fulfill students’ desire and need to acquire and improve their negotiation skills.

One of our main goals was to initiate a club that will constitute as much practical practice as possible, thereby allowing each student to experience practical application of all the skills and techniques they have acquired throughout the semester: negotiation preparation, biases and tactics, negotiation techniques, cultural differences, follow-up, and more.


While initiating our club, we understood the importance of building a strong group that will allow all group participants personal growth while learning. In addition, we understood that some of the students might not feel comfortable opening up to a large group of students that they don’t know enough.  


A well-orchestrated culture of collaboration can allow openness between team members and enhance their studying experience to new limits, providing them the capability to learn as much as possible in a safe environment, which is critical to our goal. 


Dr. Amir Kfir was kind to guide us through this process and help us reach this goal successfully.


Thank you very much! We couldn’t have done it as well as it is without you."

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