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The Hero is You

Estimated Length: 1.5 days

An award-winning parent-child event. The event combines YPO practices and techniques, outdoor fun/challenge activities, and speakers. The concept of the event is to let the children lead or be the “heroes,” and as such, switch the traditional roles of the parent-child. As a result, the pairs are able to overcome obstacles openly and increase intimacy between each other. 

Parent-child event forum in family YPO Amirror

Introduction to Forum in Family

Estimated Length: 1/2 day

This session will introduce the concept of Forum in Family, a method which enables you to bring the Forum process into the rituals of the family conversation, gathering the immediate family around the table to openly discuss and manage personal issues within a confidential environment, through a structured process. Forum allows family members to develop and practice empathy and understanding towards each other, refine conflict management skills, and strengthen the awareness that they are there for one another. This session allows families to get to know the power of Forum through experiential learning. It is appropriate for all ages.

  • Our pilot session at the YPO Berlin Beyond the Wall event received a feedback of 9.58 and a unanimous recommendation from program participants. 

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