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Like corporations, couples move through a lifecycle process whereby they are faced with problems to solve, opportunities to celebrate, and challenges to overcome.


This retreat describes and draws upon parallels from a corporate lifecycle model, while providing participants with an understanding of the marriage lifecycle and its transition points. It enables participants to gain greater insights into their own corporate and marital strengths, opportunities, and challenges.


Frequently, a couple is engaged in their own “marriage lifecycle” while simultaneously involved in a corporate lifecycle process (or two). How a couple handles these experiences and this process helps to determine the potential for success or failure of the marriage and their business. This session will provide you with an understanding of the nature of these lifecycles and will help you to differentiate between typical and atypical experiences.


The purpose of such a retreat is to learn more about your relationship while having fun! The session is designed to help you to build intimacy with your partner, and develop a common plan to further enhance the growth of your relationship. 



Watch the video to hear about one participant's very positive experience at a couple's retreat in 2017. 




Day One

- Opening

- Building intimacy in larger group

- Mutual presentation (how did we meet? what was our best date?)

- Games: do we truly know each our partner? 

- Continuing at the dinner table 

- Homework 


Day Two

- Starter

- "From boardroom to bedroom" (marriage and corporate life cycles meet) 

- Lifewalk exercise 

- Reflections on the past 

- Five languages of love 

- Conflict and conflict resolution 

- Shared vision 

- Renewing our vows with each other


*subject to change according to group's needs



“Unique opportunity to go out of our comfort zone, to have genuine discussions about the elephant in the room!”

“Relationships need to be looked after, maintained and developed. The couples retreat provided an opportunity for all of this to happen.”

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