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The Young President's Organization (YPO) is the Premier Chief Executive Leadership Organization in the World. 

YPO represents a global community of leaders committed to the shared mission of “Becoming Better Leaders through Lifelong Learning and Idea Exchange™”. YPO today provides more than 24,000 members in more than 130 countries with access to extraordinary educational resources, alliances with leading institutions, and specialized networks designed to support their business, community and personal leadership. Altogether, YPO member-run companies employ more than 15 million people around the world and generate $6 trillion in annual revenues.

Dr. Amir Kfir is an official certified facilitator for YPO Forum work around the world for the last 19 years, with a 9.78 rating (out of 10). Developing and running successful chapter development and stir-fry programs all over the world, Dr. Amir Kfir has developed vast experience in leading groups towards deeper intimacy and growth and return on time, inspiring forums to consider everything from personal goals and vision to marriage and intimacy, all while developing awareness of self and others using powerful presence techniques. 

For more information about YPO programs that Dr Amir Kfir can facilitate, click on the links below: 

Chapter development

Parent-child event

Couple's retreat

Forum in business

Forum development



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YPO chapter development program:

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Amir was truly an amazing moderator and friend! Amir managed to have the group open up and establish a true environment of trust.

Dr. Amir brought energy, intentionality, and vulnerability. I felt like I had, at the end of a four hour virtual session, known and trusted my group for a year!

Amir was amazing! He explained the process with clarity and I left the 4hrs with zero confusion. True professional.

He was crisp and precise in his delivery. Gave in-depth analysis of our role as moderator.

Amir is a pro. He modelled the behaviours and practices and took great care to point out learning moments.

Dr. Amir was outstanding, engaging, patient and the content was on point.

Amir was superb; his content and vast years of experience came through. I learned moderator

skills and tools that I had never encountered in my previous moderator role or training. Amir

did a superb job launching our new forum and facilitated me by helping me ease into the

moderator role in this new forum.

Our forum launch was amazing and i am grateful to the Mosaic Chapter for making Amir

available as a CFF for our forum launch

He is very experienced, authentic and manages to find the right level for the group quickly

The facilitator created a safe, sharing space for each of us. His delivery style was refreshingly relatable, candid and peppered with humour. He ensured that each one was comfortable and equal time and focus was given to all. I appreciated that

It is the second time I've had the pleasure to spend time with Amir. No other facilitator I have worked with gives me the boost as Amir does. He clearly knows what he talks about, which provides me with confidence in him. He is practical, straight forward and he pushes the group.

Somehow, he managed to deliver real and valuable insights to my particular issue based on my short update. In my view, Amir's interpretation of the Forum is the most impactful format there is, and it needs to be experienced.

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