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What is Forum for mentoring?  

Forum for mentoring is a platform for young potential leaders at the beginning of their professional careers to openly discuss and manage personal issues within a confidential environment with more experienced mentors, through a structured process. Forum provides a safe space for members to work through their own issues, develop and practice empathy and understanding towards others, refine conflict management skills, improve their interpersonal skills, build leadership skills and much more.  


Why do we use Forum for mentoring?

Mentoring​ is proved to be a powerful tool for personal development and empowerment. The Forum structure will enable the mentees to build meaningful relationships with the mentors based on mutual trust and respect through open and honest communication, and the opportunity to learn from others' experiences in a structured process. Participants will gain the confidence to deal with challenges and make decisions that will propel them forwards, as well as making invaluable connections. 

What is the Forum for mentoring process?  

The Forum process takes members through several structured stages during each meeting and retreat, allowing participants to share their issues and concerns in a safe space to the other members. Participants learn how to identify core issues and their underlying cause, openly express what concerns them around this issue, provide one-on-one coaching to other members (which they will be trained to provide), and practice accountability through creating detailed action plans with the knowledge of being followed up on.


What makes Forum for mentoring successful?  

Forum is a successful process when it receives support from within the structures of the organization and from the mentors themselves, when meetings are run according to the correct procedure as facilitated by a trained moderator, when meetings are regular, and with the appropriate materials and facilitation tools (to be provided).  


How to implement Forum for mentoring?

Through a structured and guided implementation program we can assist with launching and supporting the forum structure for mentoring, scheduling regular moderators meetings, developing materials and facilitation tools, providing training at various levels (individual coaching for moderators and vice-moderators, conflict resolution training and tools, feedback training), helping to create a practice of monitoring and reporting results and measuring ROIs, providing online support for questions and challenges, conducting forum survey analysis and plan of action for improvement, and providing support in the creation of Forum rules and operational guidebook.  

We can also supplement the Forum process with additional training for mentors

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