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Family Retreat

Estimated Length: 3 Days

Introduction To Family Retreat

As families immersed themselves in this transformative retreat, they discovered the power of communication, empathy, and shared experiences. They left with hearts full of love, stronger connections, and a newfound appreciation for the unique dynamics that make their family special. The story of this retreat became a cherished chapter in their family's journey, reminding them of the profound impact of coming together and growing as a united and harmonious unit.

In this retreat, families embarked on a journey of self-discovery and connection through 4 unique services:


Forum in the family is a platform for family members to openly discuss and manage personal issues within a confidential environment, through a structured process.


This forum describes and draws upon parallels from a corporate lifecycle model, while providing participants with an understanding of the marriage lifecycle and its transition points. It enables participants to gain greater insights into their own corporate and marital strengths, opportunities, and challenges. 



The concept of the event is to let the children lead or be the “heroes,” and as such, switch the traditional roles of the parent-child. As a result, the pairs can overcome obstacles openly and increase intimacy between each other. 


Siblings gathering around a table to openly discuss personal issues in a confidential environment. Develop empathy, conflict management skills, and mutual support. Suitable for all ages, with experiential learning.

Main principles of the forums:

  •   Deep and meaningful conversation regularly among family members. 

  •  Tools for dealing with life’s difficulties. 

  •  Influencing through authenticity rather than power.

  •  A space where family members feel heard and valued. 

  •  Managing anger, dealing with conflicts, and resolving issues among the family. 

  •  Experiencing the simplicity of self-problem solving, the importance of giving authentic feedback, and the value of repercussion-free conversation. 

  •  The awareness that the family will always be there for you in moments of difficulty.

  •  Deepen sibling relationships for the life of each other.

  •  Governing family business together.

  •  A place to share and have fun learning about each other’s lives.


   Extra Activities:

   Spiritual development activities: Yoga, Meditation & Reversing


   Leisure Activities: Scuba diving, Volleyball & BBQ

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