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Amos's Bio

Amos Rabin founded world-class HR teams and pioneered organizational & people strategy for multiple global companies, using a unique blend of people technologies and business savvy to consistently ‘Get Things Done’, achieve transformational goals and deliver business growth and market value.

Amos is recognized as a strong partner & trusted advisor to the Board of Directors, C-Suite, key leaders and Talent, with ability to initiate and build from ground up, transform and scale businesses for hyper growth.

Led and supported large number of global mergers & acquisitions, ipos, negotiations, scaling up, integration, restructuring and change in: NA, LATAM, EUROPE, APAC, AFRICA.
Holds M.Sc. in Business Management and B.A. in Social Sciences, both from Tel Aviv University; Certified Executive Business Coach- Applied Psychology from Tel Aviv University; Mindfulness Leadership Seeker and Coach from various Yoga and Neuroscience leading schools; Certified Executive Corporate Director- BoD from IDC.

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