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 About amirror

Amirror is a group of experienced consultants who work with leaders and organizations all around the world on managing growth, business development, and performance excellence in an ever-changing business environment.


Our mission is to guide and support our clients in managing change and building a strong and durable organizational culture based on innovation, diversity, teamwork, mutual trust and respect.


Experience and diversity are our advantages. Amirror has a network of international consultants representing a broad and diverse array of academic disciplines and business experience - marketing, finance & economics, operations & logistics, IT, business development and organizational psychology - all with hands-on experience in the field.

Our Values 

Client Focused

We believe in the importance of understanding our clients (their needs and expectations) as well as delivering expected results.

Honesty & Integrity

We respect commitments, pursue our goals, and hold ourselves accountable for our promises. 

We believe that we need to continuously question the status quo and help businesses gain new insight into doing what they are doing better.  We say what we think openly and truthfully. 

Trust, Respect, and Team Spirit

Mutual trust and respect is the foundation of any relationship. Trust results in open communication and free flow of information and ideas. We learn from each other and, in the long run, we benefit greatly from relationships of mutual interest.

Innovation and Creativity

We encourage innovation and creativity to bring a fresh edge to our projects.

Every business is unique and we need to be objective and non-judgmental each time we tackle new challenges.

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