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Peace Action Network (PAN)

Dr. Amir Kfir has been the starting and leading moderator of the below peace forums with in the Peace Action Network in YPO.

  • Israel- Arab

  • Greek-Turk

  • Turk- Armenian

  • Jewish- Muslim (JAMS of New York and London)

  • Arab-American

  • Hindu-Pakistan

  • Men and Women

The work with these groups deals with the establishment of a clear shared understanding about the nature of the conflict and the perspectives of each side, to the causes and symptoms, as well as results of the conflict for each side. A shared vision of an ideal reality is then developed and, in light of this, an action plan for individuals and the group is drawn. The groups continue to meet in face to face or online meetings and share non-filtered insights, and leverage the power of the members for action on the ground.  

While it is governments that will sign peace agreements, it is people who will manage the reconciliation process and there is no one better to do so than YPO/WPO, who are experts in problem solving in an entrepreneurial way.

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