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Organizational Change

At the heart of our corporate services are the change management methodologies we apply for our corporate clients.

We help companies develop professional management in the growing phases of the corporate lifecycle (based on the teachings of Dr. Adizes by institutionalizing the entrepreneurial spirit and integrating it into the way the company operates and does business. We help the founder and founding families move out of the founders trap into a well managed company. For companies at the aging stages of the lifecycle, we help them develop a rejuvenated spirit and vision and build for new structural flexibility in the way they do business, allowing for a powerful turnaround of the corporation.

Our goal is to help our clients dramatically improve the performance of their organizations, achieve sustainable revenue and profitability targets, enjoy prime conditions of operations, and improve the quality of their work lives.


Organizational transformation process can include the following elements, depending on the nature of organization, and its current state and needs:

  • Diagnosis - what works well? what is holding us back? 

  • Prioritizing main obstacles 

  • Analysis of location on the corporate lifecycle - what needs to be transformed in order to win the next phase? 

  • How do we need to get organized? Analyzing structure, roles and responsibilities, authority, governance

  • Examining business strategy and direction, strategic market trends, external influences 

  • Refreshing organizational vision, mission and strategy 

  • Organizational Restructuring

  • Performance measurement appraisal

  • Rewards

  • Training of Internal Change AgentsWe believe that the long term success of the client's company, and our own, is driven from our ability to teach the organization how to continuously manage a change process. Thus embodying a mission of teaching others how to "fish" for themselves, instead of providing them with the meal. We do this by transferring a well documented methodology to a select group of individuals who become the agents of change for many units throughout the organization for years to come. We see our role as transferring technology and providing support through coaching and supervision of these change agents.


Our work often focuses around assisting CEOs, top management teams, boards of directors, and owners of companies (of all sizes) to quickly and effectively resolve issues such as:


  • Difficulties in making the transition from entrepreneurship to professional management

  • Bureaucratization which leads an organization to become out of touch with its markets and lose entrepreneurial vitality




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